Sustainability Policy

Sustainability Policy

At The Bench, sustainability is key to our success and enriches the value we provide to our clients and community. Beyond environmental impact, it ensures we exceed regulatory standards, championing environmental care, equality, and human rights.

The anticipation from our stakeholders, including clients, partners, and our own team, for Bench to demonstrate a strong commitment to sustainability is continually growing. These evolving expectations push us to integrate sustainability more deeply into our business ethos.

Our commitment to sustainability goes beyond just meeting expectations–it unlocks new business opportunities, fosters innovation, mitigates risks, and strengthens our market position, making our business and events more resilient and impactful.

The Bench's Sustainability Policy embodies our dedication to integrating environmental stewardship and social responsibility into every aspect of our operations. It reflects our commitment to pioneering a sustainable future in events and wider hospitality industry, ensuring a positive impact on our community and the planet.


At The Bench, our commitment to sustainability shapes the way we run our business and organise our events. Our approach is holistic, focusing on reducing our environmental footprint and fostering positive community engagement through every event we host.

Achieving Zero Waste and Carbon Neutrality

Targeting zero waste and net-zero carbon emissions by 2030, with a milestone of reducing event-related waste by 50% by 2025.

Promoting Sustainable Food Choices

Partnering with initiatives like Fresh on Table, we focus on minimising food waste and offering vegetarian options, underscoring the value of sustainable and local sourcing.

Minimising Print Materials

Shifting towards digital platforms and collateral materials to cut down on printed content, thus significantly reducing paper waste.

Sustainable Supplier and Venue Selection

Opting for suppliers and venues that align with our environmental goals, ensuring our events reflect our sustainability ethos.

Adopting Hybrid and Remote Working

Embracing hybrid, remote working, and coworking spaces to diminish our operational carbon footprint and promote environmental stewardship.

Reducing Travel Impact

Encouraging public transportation and offering carbon offset options to lessen the environmental impact associated with travel to our events.

Community and Social Responsibility Initiatives

Actively participating in community initiatives and charitable efforts to demonstrate our commitment to social responsibility.

Integrating Sustainability Into Our Events Content

Featuring sustainability within our event content to spotlight the latest sustainable practices, trends, and innovations in hospitality.

Dedicated Sustainability Zone on the Show Floor

Establishing a special area focused on sustainability, enabling attendees to discover and explore sustainable solutions, products, and services.

Through these initiatives, The Bench demonstrates its dedication to leading in sustainability, not just by hosting impactful events but by setting a standard for environmental stewardship within the event sector and the wider hospitality industry.