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World Sustainable Hospitality Alliance: Leading the Charge for a Net Positive Future in Global Hospitality

Published: 01 May 2024

In a significant move that underscores its expanding global influence and commitment to sustainable practices across the globe, the Sustainable Hospitality Alliance proudly announces its rebranding to the World Sustainable Hospitality Alliance (the Alliance). This historic announcement was made on stage at the prestigious Future Hospitality Summit in Riyadh, marking a new chapter in the organisation's mission to advance Net Positive Hospitality for people, planet, place, and prosperity.

The Alliance, with a storied 30-year legacy, has evolved into a formidable global charity encompassing the entire hospitality value chain. From its inception with 14 members in 2020, the Alliance has seen exponential growth, now boasting over 50 members representing more than 300 brands, 55,000 properties, and 7 million rooms across every region of the world. This remarkable 270% growth over the past 20 months signifies the Alliance's broadened scope and its pivotal role in the hospitality industry's march towards sustainability.

Aligned with over 50 formal major industry partners, including the World Travel and Tourism Council, UN Tourism, Global Business Travel Association, and the Global Sustainable Tourism Council, the Alliance's rebranding reflects its comprehensive approach to sustainability. This collaboration spans continents and cultures, emphasising the Alliance's dedication to driving innovation, advancing global tools, and training, and fostering best practices through its Accelerator programmes.

Glenn Mandziuk, CEO of the World Sustainable Hospitality Alliance, articulates the essence of this transformation: "Our name change reflects our journey towards inclusivity and the global expansion of our mission. The Alliance has transformed into a worldwide movement, fostering collaboration, and addressing the tangible changes in international policy, criteria, and business practices. Our vision of Net Positive Hospitality, where the industry contributes more than it consumes, is now closer than ever."

The Alliance's initiatives, such as the World Academy for Sustainable Hospitality and the Hotel Carbon, Water and Waste measurement tools, underscore its pioneering role in shaping a sustainable future for the hospitality industry. These efforts, coupled with global employability programmes and the development of universal criteria for sustainable progress, highlight the Alliance's holistic approach to sustainability.

As the World Sustainable Hospitality Alliance steps into its new identity, it remains firmly committed to leading the global hospitality industry towards a sustainable, prosperous future. With its expanded reach and influence, the Alliance is set to make an indelible impact on the world, fostering a hospitality industry that thrives by giving back more than it takes.