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Kerten Hospitality Announces Record Expansion, Doubling Portfolio in First Quarter of 2024

Published: 02 May 2024

Dublin, Ireland – May 1, 2024 – Kerten Hospitality, a global leader in bespoke hospitality and integrated living solutions, has announced it has doubled year-on-year growth in the first quarter of 2024. The hospitality company now boasts over 57 innovative projects across key global markets, including Rome, South of France, Morocco, KSA, and the UAE. This expansion underscores Kerten Hospitality’s commitment to merging cultural heritage with authentic hospitality, offering unique guest experiences worldwide.

Showcasing Global Ventures at the Future Hospitality Summit (FHS) in Riyadh

In a strategic display of its expanding portfolio, Kerten Hospitality participated prominently at the FHS Summit held in Riyadh, featuring an impressive booth that highlighted several of Kerten Hospitality’s iconic hotels in Saudi Arabia, and showcased the brand's synergy with the Saudi Ministry of Tourism and Aseer Investment Company.

The House Urban Eco Resort in Riyadh city center, a standout project highlighted by Kerten Hospitality in partnership with developers RIKAZ and RAFAL and supported by the Ministry of Tourism, has garnered significant attention. As the pioneering initiative in a series of similar developments in the pipeline, this unique resort is poised to redefine urban eco-living. It seamlessly integrates leisure, wellness, and business within a sustainable and luxurious environment, showcasing a new standard in urban development.

The Summit also served as a platform to highlight Kerten Hospitality’s strategic partnerships, notably with Aseer Investment Company, aiming to unlock substantial opportunities in the Aseer region’s hospitality and heritage sectors. This partnership is aligned with the goals of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 to foster a diversified economy and enhance regional tourism.

Kerten Hospitality and Baheej Tourism Development Company announced their partnership, facilitated by ASFAR, poised to elevate integrated living in Yanbu’s waterfront. The agreement, which was signed at the Summit in Riyadh, will see Kerten Hospitality managing Baheej’s hotel in Yanbu under the premium Cloud 7 brand, an innovative hotel and residence lifestyle brand known for its vibrant designs, dynamic check-in lobbies, healthy food options, a beach club, and curated retail boutiques.

Notably, the booth featured a recreation of the Dar Tantora The House Hotel, an emblem of AlUla’s cultural heritage, and displayed classic cars at the entrance, symbolizing the unique character of the hotel. The 30-key hotel was restored using the same ancient materials and architectural techniques as the traditional mud brick buildings of the area. Dar Tantora The House Hotel provides an immersion into the heritage of AlUla and has brought life back to the Old Town of AlUla.

The Collective by Kerten Hospitality: Cultural and Commercial Synergy

At the forefront of Kerten Hospitality’s Saudi expansion is "The Collective by Kerten Hospitality," an initiative designed to group a network of 23 culturally rooted, yet innovative hospitality ventures. This initiative not only emphasizes the aesthetic appeal of its properties but also focuses on the strategic alignment of business goals with local cultural values, which has proven essential for the sustainable growth of the global portfolio.

Empowering 50 Saudi Female Entrepreneurs: Kerten Hospitality’s Nakhati Leads The Way

Kerten Hospitality’s Nakhati brand, an innovative culinary initiative, was also featured at the Summit. Kerten Hospitality has announced an ambitious plan to empower 50 Saudi female entrepreneurs through strategic partnerships to provide the opportunity to a single-family office to franchise 30 kiosks and 20 carts.

Nakhati Gelato’s social franchise model is at the heart of this empowerment drive. It offers women from various backgrounds the chance to become franchisees, providing a comprehensive business package, financial tools, and continuous support. This initiative not only paves the way for economic and social empowerment but also contributes to the broader goal of community and industry transformation.

Nakhati also announced a unique collaboration with Giga project Diriyah Gate, where it will produce an Exclusive Diriyah flavor available at Bujairi Terrace, to celebrate the region’s rich heritage and flavors.

Strategic Partnerships and Engagements

This quarter also marked the initiation of a significant partnership with Kayali, a perfume brand led by the visionary entrepreneur Mona Kattan. This collaboration, which began at the iconic Dar Tantora TheHouse Hotel in AlUla, introduces an unprecedented sensory experience to guests, marrying luxury hospitality with the exquisite art of perfumery and local traditions through Oud.

A Future of Innovation and Cultural Integration

"Kerten Hospitality is set on a trajectory of innovation and growth. Our significant expansion in the first quarter is not just about scale, but also about deepening our engagement with local cultures and communities," said Marloes Knippenberg, CEO of Kerten Hospitality. "Each project is a reflection of our commitment to creating spaces where bespoke meets local."

Kerten Hospitality is steadfast in its commitment to broadening its international presence while adhering to its mission of blending hospitality with distinctive cultural interactions. This approach not only establishes new benchmarks within the industry but also promotes continuous, sustainable development.