IDEEA Podcast Episode 24: Dr. Ruth Puhr, PFHEA, Head of Quality Assurance & Academic Development, Les Roches Global Hospitality Education

Published: 07 September 2023

In this episode of the IDEEA podcast, the discussion delves into the intricate balance between maintaining the core structure of academic programs, such as academic years, semesters, and credit-based courses, while continuously updating and refining the content. Ruth highlights how this iterative process is not only applied to existing programs but also to the development of new ones.

As the dialogue unfolds, Ruth emphasizes the significance of lifelong learning, a hot topic in an ever-changing workplace landscape. Lifelong learners, often seasoned professionals, seek two critical elements: staying informed about emerging trends and networking opportunities. This lifelong learning approach provides a platform for professionals to share their workplace challenges, solutions, and innovations, creating a rich environment for collaborative problem-solving.

The conversation takes a closer look at Les Roches academic programs, including executive options. Ruth explains that some programs allow students to immerse themselves on campus, while others are designed to accommodate working professionals by offering shorter modules, as brief as 12 weeks. The benefits of these programs are multifold, with students immediately applying their newfound knowledge to their workplaces, resulting in observable impacts.

Ruth shares inspiring anecdotes about students leveling up or changing roles during their programs. The enhanced communication skills gained during these programs empower graduates to articulate their expertise confidently during job interviews or when proposing significant business projects.

Marina and Ruth also explore the close relationship that Les Roches maintains with industry players. Students gain valuable real-world experience through two-semester internships, ensuring they are well-prepared for their careers. Additionally, faculty-led study trips provide insights into industry needs, concerns, and trends, which in turn inform course development. Ruth emphasizes the industry's feedback that Les Roches students are exceptionally work-ready.