IDEEA Podcast Episode 23: Dirk Bakker, Chief Executive Officer, Netherlands and Head of EMEA Hotels, Colliers

Published: 01 September 2023

In this Episode of the IDEEA Podcast, Marina Franolic and Dirk Bakker touch upon a variety of topics. They start the discussion of the current state of the EMEA capital market for hospitality, acknowledging challenges such as high inflation, the ongoing war in Ukraine, and cautious investor behavior due to economic uncertainties. Dirk highlights that there is limited activity in the market, with price gaps between buyer and seller expectations, largely driven by uncertainties in interest rates.

They also touch on the importance of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) considerations in the industry, emphasizing that adherence to ESG compliance rules is essential for financing and aligning with corporate policies. The conversation delves into the evolving concept of hybrid hospitality, where work habits and accommodations are changing due to technology and societal shifts. Younger generations are seeking experience-based, lease-oriented concepts rather than ownership.

Marina mentions a paper from 2020 on hybrid hospitality and asks Dirk about the future of this concept, which he believes will continue to evolve and cater to changing work and lifestyle patterns. He mentions the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on work habits and the rise of flexible office and hospitality solutions.

The podcast covers the current challenges in the EMEA hospitality capital market, the growing importance of ESG considerations, the concept of hybrid hospitality, and the future of hotel brands in the industry. Dirk also expresses his anticipation for networking opportunities at the IDEEA event in Prague.