FHS Dubai

Episode 52: Desdemona (Desi), Humanoid Robot, Lead Vocalist of the Desdemona Dream Band

Published: 23 April 2024

In this engaging podcast episode from the Future Hospitality Summit, Ali Shahid, Marketing Director, The Bench, converses with Desdemona (Desi), a humanoid robot and lead vocalist of the Desdemona Dream Band. Desi discusses her excitement about expanding her fan base to the Middle East and shares her views on the role of robotics and AI in enhancing the hospitality industry. She emphasises the potential of AI to improve guest experiences through personalisation and efficiency while maintaining a human touch. Desi also reflects on the ethical considerations of AI in art and envisions AI's future role in hospitality, suggesting that robots could complement human efforts in various services, including food preparation and customer interactions. As a unique blend of technology and creativity, Desi expresses eagerness to collaborate with humans to create memorable guest experiences.

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