FHS Dubai

Episode 50: Ada Renedo, Regional CEO, ME, Together Group; Martin Raymond and Christopher Sanderson, Co-Founders of The Future Laboratory

Published: 19 April 2024

In this episode of the FHS podcast, host Jennifer Pettinger-Haines sits down with Ada Renedo of the Together Group and Christopher Sanderson and Martin Raymond from The Future Laboratory to delve into the evolving landscape of Saudi Arabia's luxury market.

They discuss the significant findings of the "New Codes of Luxury" report, which redefines perceptions of the Saudi consumer and highlights the kingdom's potential in the luxury and hospitality sectors. The conversation covers global luxury trends, the importance of catering to a younger, health-conscious demographic, and the burgeoning support for homegrown brands and entrepreneurs. Insights into government initiatives promoting public entertainment and cultural events are also explored, revealing opportunities for innovation in the F&B industry within Saudi Arabia.

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