FHS Dubai

Episode 45: Shaikha Al Nowais, Corporate Vice President - Owner Relationship Management, Rotana

Published: 29 March 2024

In the latest episode of the FHS Podcast, we delve into building a diverse and stronger hospitality industry by empowering and facilitating more women to join the workforce. Featuring the insightful Shaikha Al Nowais and hosted by Edie Rodriguez, this conversation highlights the transformative strides being made in Saudi Arabia’s hospitality sector, especially under Vision 2030, and the remarkable progress in women's roles within the industry.

Shaikha Al Nowais, hailing from the esteemed brand, Rotana, discusses the cultural richness and diverse identities of Saudi destinations, emphasising the unique contribution of Saudi women to this evolving landscape. She provides an expert female executive’s perspective on the country’s dynamic changes, including employment opportunities and cultural shifts that welcome and empower women in the workforce alongside insights into Rotana’s commitment to fostering female talent, with women constituting 30% of their workforce in Saudi.

Tune in for a compelling discussion under FHS Saudi Arabia’s campaign, #FHSWomenPower, on the future of hospitality and the integral part women play in shaping it.

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