Diversifying African airport revenue to build resilience

Published: 09 February 2023

This is a live session recording from the 1st July at AviaDev Africa 2022.

The topic was "Diversifying African airport revenue to build resilience"

72% of operating revenue at African airports is derived from aeronautical sources. Covid exposed the need for airports to diversify their revenue, but how can this be done without huge capital expenditure?

Your moderator for this session is Marcel Langeslag, Director Africa Aviation, NACO (Netherlands Airport Consultants)

You will hear from the following panellists:

Moritz Breickmann, Investment Director, Africa Infrastructure Investment Managers (AIIM)

Julien Coffinier, Chief Executive, Ravinala Airports

Namory Camara, Managing Director, SOGEAC- Aéroport International Ahmed Sekou Toure