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Buk Technology Inc. Unveils Buktrips.com

Published: 26 September 2023

Dover, DE ; USA– 26th Sep -2023 – Buk launched closed beta flagship product - Buktrips.com a marketplace for hotel room bookings where travelers and agents can buy, resell and trade hotel room bookings. BUK technology leverages tokenization(NFTs) to enable resellability of time-sensitive travel services via the blockchain. This innovation allows travelers to resell unused bookings, enabling travel agents to trade inventory. For hotels every resell, they gain a percentage commission of the transaction, while getting transparency and visibility into the distribution of their rooms.

Buk has made significant partnerships with industry leaders such as HotelTrader, Illusions Online(iOL), and HotelDo, making it possible for hotels to effortlessly list their available rooms as resellable inventory. Notably, hotels can integrate their rooms into this resellable inventory at zero cost, opening up new revenue streams without incurring additional expenses.

Buk was also recognized as the runner-up at the recent Startup Den event hosted at Future Hospitality Summit (FHS) 2023 Buk is actively seeking visionary hotels and forward-thinking OTA partners, angel investors and family investment offices to collaborate in delivering the advantages of blockchain technology to enhance the travel experience for guests.

For partnership inquiries, please contact: hello@buk.technology
Website: https://buk.technology

About Buk Technology Inc.
Buk Technology is an industry vertical protocol for tokenized distribution of hotel room inventory, making them a tradable and resalable asset class with transparent secondary markets. Buk facilitates seamless reselling across various channels, creating new revenue streams for hotels while enhancing price control and transparency.