AviaDev Africa 2023: Supporting local charities and the next generation

Published: 17 April 2024

AviaDev Africa, the premier event dedicated to developing air connectivity to, from and within the African continent took place in Nairobi, June 2023.

Since inception and at the heart of the event is an effort to maximise the event’s impact on the industry and local community, whilst also minimising its impact on the environment.

Along with a raft of sustainability measures, including digital signage and delegate guide, the use of local labour and suppliers and many more initiatives, AviaDev takes its responsibility seriously to leave an indelible and positive mark on the local community.

Below are three activities conducted alongside the event.

  • Supporting local charities. Each year, we organise a run/walk in aid of a local charity and this year was no different. We supported the Young Aviators Club of Africa (YACA), which was founded in February 2012 and has a membership of 60,000 young people aged between 4 and 27. With the support of 13 AviaDev sponsors, we raised $6000, which will be used to start construction of the first aviation library and resource centre in Africa.

  • Outreach. Each year, we partner with a local Organisation to deliver a day of outreach activities. This year we visited the East African School of Aviation with around 20 sponsor representatives who participated in interactive sessions with young learners. AviaDev provides the organisation, lunch for all participants and we hope that the next generation feel inspired.

  • Supporting the next generation. The AviaDev Ambassador programme was devised to offer aviation students and enthusiasts with the opportunity to gain real world experience. 3 winners were chosen from a competitive process. Each spent the week as part of the AviaDev onsite team. Additionally, they addressed the industry from the stage, raising their profile and opening the door to new opportunities.