Usama Aslam

Marketing Manager

Meet Usama, a dynamic member of The Bench team. As a marketing associate, he's not only made significant strides but has also showcased his multifaceted talents. At The Bench, Usama is the driving force behind our marketing initiatives, with a keen focus on the Africa Hospitality Investment Forum. His digital marketing expertise takes center stage as he crafts and executes strategies that not only captivate but also convert. His specialization in performance marketing means that every campaign is not just a creative endeavor but a meticulously data-driven one, ensuring that decisions are rooted in actionable insights.Beyond marketing, he assumes a leadership role in Pakistan, where he not only oversees the company's operations but also takes charge of the recruitment and trainee program.

Outside the office, Usama enjoys staying active. He's an avid squash player, using the court as his playground to unwind and strategize. He is also a Mixed Martial Arts fighter, showcasing his tenacity and discipline in and out of the octagon.

Usama's journey is a testament to his commitment and multifaceted skills. He brings a well-rounded approach to his roles at The Bench, balancing marketing, and operational responsibilities with his love for sports and martial arts. His dedication and passion make him an asset to the team.


M: +92 336 0003866