Shenin Hamid

Founder & CEO, Inspire Events

Shenin Hamid is the Founder and CEO of Inspire - a Dubai based Events and Experience agency. Shenin used passion and talent to build her business from scratch at 19 years old making her one of the few successful youngest entrepreneurs in the UAE. Under her leadership, Inspire has grown from an idea in her living room into a regional success, executing between 200 and 250 events and experiential campaigns a year across KSA, Dubai,Qatar and Kuwait.

In 2020 Inspire was awarded “Most Innovative Production Agency of the Year '' highlighting their ability to successfully pivot under the natural circumstances leading to Covid19 and still servicing their clients ensuring even better results. Under Shenin’s leadership Inspire has grown significantly through the years by offering tailor made technology driven Event and Activation Experiences to clients across the globe.

In Shenin’s words, “Inspire focuses on delivering custom made curated experiences specifically tailored for each client / brand. Technology plays an important role in how we serve our clients and help create an interactive band-led experience especially today. We strongly believe our focus in tech driven solutions over the years has been extremely rewarding for our clients”

Shenin is driven by passion, ambition and empathy. She actively supports young entrepreneurs at various start-up hubs based in Dubai and Silicon Valley and is a mentor to many young aspiring women led businesses around the world. “Women are natural problem solvers, it comes to us so naturally that we don’t think about it twice. It is a gift that flows into every area of our lives that we often take for granted. We are born with ingrained skills necessary for effective leadership - this is a massive advantage that with realization is the most powerful thing”.