Saim Rehman

Digital Content Associate

Saim joined the Bench in June 2023 as a Marketing Management Trainee, as soon as he graduated from LUMS - with a degree in Management Sciences (oh, and a minor in Psychology too). He has had a knack for marketing for a short while now, and since joining, Saim has worked on content creation for the Africa Hospitality Investment Forum (AHIF) and the Future Hospitality Summit (FHS). He is learning the ways of hospitality conferencing as we speak and is keen to leave his mark in the marketing world.

Other than work, Saim is a digital content creator who loves to make videos on the internet. His content ranges from slice-of-life Instagram videos and YouTube vlogs to fashion films and music videos. As he likes to put it, “I’m on my way to become one of the biggest content creators in Pakistan, one video at a time.” Let’s see how this statement ages!


M: +923014839193