Marloes Knippenberg

Chief Executive Officer
Kerten Hospitality

Marloes is a distinguished hospitality leader who has been instrumental in redefining industry benchmarks. She seamlessly integrated ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) into the heart of business operations, processes, and value propositions. This integration has proven transformative, elevating a singular national brand to a global lifestyle group with a portfolio spanning over 45 diversified projects.

Marloes' commitment to excellence is underscored by her strategic vision. She actively pursues the expansion of the brand's lifestyle portfolio, targeting regions identified for synergistic collaborations and mutual stakeholder objectives. Her foundational expertise is anchored in her tenure at Hilton, where she was entrusted with high-impact operational and commercial management portfolios.

Beyond mere strategy and execution, Marloes is deeply committed to human capital development within the industry. She consistently champions the nurturing of emerging talents, propelling industry-wide transformation, and driving organizational alignment towards sustainability-centric objectives. This approach prioritizes not just bottom-line growth but also the holistic development of individuals, communities, and guest experiences.

Marloes' advocacy for a progressive hospitality sector extends beyond traditional corporate parameters. As a notable ambassador for the Global Hospitality Student Challenge, spearheaded by Hotelschool the Hague, she is at the forefront of bridging the gap between the seasoned investment community and the visionary leaders of tomorrow. This initiative stands as a testament to her commitment to fostering innovation and collaboration, cementing her role in the ongoing evolution of the hospitality industry.