Marloes Knippenberg

Chief Executive Officer
Kerten Hospitality

Marloes Knippenberg is known as a pioneer of the modern mixed-use developments philosophy that lies at the heart of lifestyle destinations revolving around personalized experiences for all. Her visionary leadership has helped carve an industry niche where ESG rests at the core of operations, business processes, as well as the whole value chain of suppliers, owners, guests and teams.

Amplifying the Kerten Hospitality brand from 1 brand in 1 country, seven years ago to a global lifestyle group with over 49+ projects, Marloes has always remained loyal to her mission - to continue expanding the lifestyle footprint across curated lifestyle destinations where collaborations and a common Purpose drive all stakeholders and build longevity of projects by empowering the businesses and the communities around. She is unafraid to rethink spaces, to fight classical industry norms and to inspire teams to collaboratively drive cross-industry partnerships for real impact.

Her journey in hospitality started with Hilton where Marloes held senior operational and commercial management positions for over a decade. But her greatest passion has consistently been nurturing young talents, advocating industry transformation and inspiring teams and peers to embrace a more sustainable agenda for people, communities and guests. As a vivid supporter of a greener and more inclusive constantly evolving industry, she serves as an ambassador of the global Hospitality Student Challenge by Hotelschool the Hague that has transformed into a platform where the investment community and the brighter minds of tomorrow connect, challenge each other and recreate the future of hospitality.