HH Prince Bandar Bin Saud Bin Khalid Al Saud

Secretary General
King Faisal Foundation (KFF)

Chairman of the Board of Directors
Al Khozama

Since 1983, Prince Bandar assumed several positions at King Faisal Foundation, including Public Relations Director and Assistant Secretary General. In 1993, he was appointed the Secretary General of the Foundation and he has since been dedicated to realizing the vision of the Board of Trustees of King Faisal Foundation, turning it into one of the leading philanthropic organizations in the world. He has led and overseen some of the Foundation’s most ambitious projects and wide range of investments which have enabled the Foundation to continue its educational mission and to become a self-funded philanthropy supported by diversified investments in Saudi Arabia.

His Highness is also the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Al Khozama Investment Company, one of the leading hospitality, real estate and F&B companies in Saudi Arabia and the region. Under his leadership, Al Khozama has grown into a company that offers a broad range of bespoke hotel development and management solutions for clients in Saudi Arabia and internationally. Drawing on extensive experience with the real estate market, the company maintains a thriving realty management and real estate development business. Al Khozama’s portfolio currently includes properties such as Al Faisaliah Tower, a major tourist attraction in Riyadh, Al Faisaliah Hotel, a luxury business hotel, and Al Faisaliah Mall, an upscale shopping, dining, and entertainment center, in addition to a variety of well-known fine dining restaurants. At the 2015 World Travel Awards, Al Khozama took home 10 prestigious awards—more than any other nominee. In the 2016, the company reaped 7 more awards.

From 1997 to 2007, Prince Bandar put into effect the vision and directions of King Faisal Foundation Board of Trustees for the successful preparation and launch of Alfaisal University which was soon able to establish its reputation as a world-class, research-led, student-oriented university. Alfaisal’s student body increased from 89 students in 2007 to over 4,300 young men and women today. Prince Bandar serves in dual capacities as Chairman of the Executive Committee and member of the Board of Trustees of Alfaisal University.

His Highness is also the Chairman of the Board of Directors of King Faisal School, one of the leading private, non-profit schools in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the first Saudi school to offer the International Baccalaureate program in the country. One of the milestones is the 100% success rate of students applying for the IB Diploma in 2022. Among other achievements, the school set a model for tens of other private schools in the country and has received several accreditations.

His Highness is also the Chairman of Board of several companies, including Trends Company, the owner of the well-known global brand name LPM, and the National Company for Tourism (Syahya); a leading hospitality company in the south region. Separate and apart from KFF and Al Khozama, Prince Bandar’s principal investment is in Landmark Arabia, a retail company which owns and operates over 500 retail department stores and other types of retail outlets, catering to middle to lower income customers. He is also the Chairman of Board of Bas Global Investment Company, AoN Saudi Arabia, and Saudi Trading and Resources Co. Ltd. (STAR).