Arturo Garcia Rosa

President & Founder

With more than 35 years of experience in hospitality, Arturo is regarded as one of the leading authorities and advisors in the hotel, travel and tourism industries in Latin America. He is also highly regarded as an exceptional professional and superior mentor. His publications, articles, and presentations reflect his passionate interest in keeping current with industry developments, particularly in his beloved South America, as well as his profound insights, vision, and in-depth knowledge of the industry.

Arturo’s career is as extensive as it is prestigious in the hospitality sector in Latin America; he was President & Managing Director of Buenos Aires’ renowned Alvear Palace Hotel from 1984 to 1995, where he led the project to rebrand and reposition one of most iconic hotels in the world.

He also served as President of Welcome Argentina (1992-1994) and was Founder and CEO of Destino Argentina (2003-2005), a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote Argentina as a travel destination. Arturo was also the force and brainpower behind the Argentina 2010 Travel & Tourism Plan, the first-ever destination marketing strategic plan for the country.

Over the years, Arturo has been involved in consulting and advisory services throughout all of Latin America. In 1995 he founded RHC Latin America (, one of the most respected consulting firms based in the region. In addition to his role as consultant, he has become increasingly involved as a speaker at major industry conferences around the world. His observations, insights and opinions are frequently published in business, consumer and trade publications worldwide and valued among industry leaders.

In 2008 Arturo founded SAHIC – the premier Latin American investment conference organizer, which annually hosts the South American Hotel & Tourism Investment Conference – the only event of its kind in the region, aimed at promoting hotel and tourism developments and related real-estate projects in this part of the world.

More recently, he has been extensively and passionately working for the development of the industry in Cuba. He was responsible for making possible the first formal meetings between American and Cuban hotel companies, a milestone in the history of the island and an accomplished mission for a professional with one aim: making the world a better place through tourism.