The Bench and Scott Antel's masterclass: Management Contracts 101

Scott Antel, a well renowned hospitality lawyer gave an exclusive and interactive digital masterclass on hotel management agreements.

The class labeled 'Management Contracts 101 PLUS' was a roundtable-style event where you could attend live from the comfort of your own computer for 90 minutes.

The workshop was held in two separate sessions:

First session: Wednesday 8 February 2023

The first session aimed to unlock the secrets of successful hotel management agreements. We demystifyed the complex language and negotiation process of HMA contracts, and showed the attendees how to prepare and strategize before entering negotiations with international operators. From the initial stage of intent to the definitive hotel agreement, we guided attendees through the key owner preparation steps, highlighting the most important issues and concerns to address during negotiations. Our expert instructor provided best practices for streamlining and accelerating the negotiation process, ensuring a successful outcome.

The session was followed by an interactive Q&A session, allowing attendees to ask questions and gain a deeper understanding of the material.

Second session: Wednesday 22 February 2023

Our second session was tailored to address the specific questions and concerns that arose during the first session, led by Scott. We dove deeper into the priority issues and provide practical strategies for negotiating these key owner positions. Attendees gained valuable insights on what operators are typically willing to accept, and how to effectively advocate for their own interests during negotiations.

Interactive Q&A was also an important part of the session, providing attendees the opportunity to ask follow-up questions and gain valuable advice on what is and is not achievable during the negotiation process.