Join us and help feed families devastated by the floods in Pakistan

The humanitarian crisis that has erupted because of the catastrophic floods in Pakistan is horrifying. 33 million people have been impacted, 1.1 million houses have been damaged or destroyed. 1,200 people have died, including 244 women, 526 men and 416 children. Thousands of families have been left hungry, homeless – in desperate need of food and shelter.

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The following companies have each pledged to match one ration for each ration that is donated:

  1. Kerten Hospitality for up to 500 rations
  2. PKF for up to 500 rations
  3. the bench for up to 500 rations
  4. QUO Global for up to 500 rations

We have been closely monitoring the situation through friends and family in Pakistan. Many of us in the hospitality sector have Pakistani teammates and staff members we rely on for our businesses. And we’re hearing heartbreaking news of devastation firsthand from them.

We invite you to join us in helping families in Pakistan.

The Bench’s Charitable Committee has partnered up with RIZQ, a charity organisation that is conducting flood relief activities on the frontlines and is providing food ration packages to support the victims. Each ration package costs £12 and feeds a family of six members for one month. You can donate one, two, a dozen - or several hundred packages. It’s a simple online process.