The Bench Herd Multiplies

In January 2018, Bench adopted its very own herd of goats. They graze on land just outside Kampala, Uganda, lovingly tended to by Kevin Kiganda.

Each member of the Bench team has a goat “alter-ego” and we are delighted to report that the herd has swelled in size to 17 from 11, with 6 babies being born this year.

The timing is excellent, with new “Benchers” joining the team. We welcome two new babies to the team, Muhammad and Mina, who are joining our marketing team. We also have Juraj Toth from Slovakia and Ged Brown from the UK, who have both joined the team as Aviation Development Directors.

We are told that they are all sleeping and feeding well, so if you are visiting Kampala anytime soon, do let us know and we can organise a visit.