The herd

Introducing the Bench Herd

The Bench has done some crazy things. We’ve set the World record for the highest game of cricket played on top of Mount Kilimanjaro, Climbed the Three Highest peaks in the UK in a single weekend wearing gorilla suits and cycled from Amsterdam to Berlin to open a conference.

However crazy, we believe in giving back and leaving a legacy in the markets we serve and that is why just outside Kampala, Uganda, there is a new herd of goats, loving tended to by “Honorary Bencher” Kevin Kiganda.

The Managing Director of AviaDev, Jon Howell, first met Kevin during a visit to Kampala in 2013. Kevin is now 34 and was raised by his grandmother. He worked hard to support himself through high school and always dreamed of being a farmer out of the city.

Therefore, every Christmas since, Jon has provided Kevin with a goat, each named after a member of his family. When Jon recalled this story at the Bench Christmas meeting, Jonathan Worsley thought it was a great idea and the Bench Herd was born. We are delighted that Kevin has agreed to tend to the goats on our behalf and we look forward to visiting our alter egos soon.

Here’s the herd in its full glory:

Jonathan our Chairman, so the big boss. He is a free spirit and loves to get involved with the fun stuff, but has a short attention span

Matthew willing to give it a go but beware, can be a bit grumpy

Jennifer is very social and likes plenty of attention but .. keep on her good side

Mala is the “worker bee” always buzzing around keeping busy and organising others

Sally is managing everyone behind the scene and never loses her calm, but does like to party

Annie, the ultimate socialite, and everyone loves her

Jon, an adventurous goat and always climbing for a new challenge

Sacha is independent but very intelligent and considered

Jo is just the nicest goat you could wish to meet

Ali, enthusiastic and full of ideas

Michael, the youngster, following everyone else and looking for guidance

We will be following the herd’s progress with a regular blog post each quarter, so be sure to check back for further updates.