Creating Impact with the Bench Forest

At 'The Bench', we constantly try to be sustainable ourselves and to encourage sustainability across the global hospitality industry. But we know can always do better, so we have just taken our commitment to another level by creating the Bench Forest, with Treedom!

200 trees in the Bench forest will absorb 70,000kg of CO2, which neutralises half of all the CO2 emitted from our company flights in an entire year.

We chose to partner with Treedom for this initiative as not only does our forest have a positive environmental impact, but also a fantastic social and economic impact as the trees are planted and managed by local farmers in Kenya.

Hopefully this will be the first of many Bench forests, as we aim to neutralise all our emissions in the future, as well as supporting our friends in the hospitality industry to do the same!

You can see the full Bench forest here.