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BEE-NCH is now a virtual beekeeper

Recently we became aware of the "Bee Kind. Adopt A Hive" campaign launch by the Community Conservation Fund Africa (CCFA), which was founded in 2018 by both Accor and Mantis. And just like that, we became the proud parents of a hive of buzzing honeybees. Bee-kind and join us in adapting a hive today.

Adopt a Hive

On May, 20th World Bee Day was launched, a very exciting new campaign – Bee Kind. Adopt a Hive.

In a bid to save and grow the Capensis bee population, they are bringing you a special opportunity to save our bees without being a beekeeper - you can now adopt your very own bee hive.

Your hand-made hive will be complete with a personalised plaque with your name on it, which will be placed in the Western Cape, ready for a new colony of bees to move in. Adopting a hive is a simple but effective way to get involved in bee conservation and make a positive and lasting impact on the environment and local community.

The long term benefits of this project will not only protect our pollinators but will also create micro-apiaries to provide employment for local bee keepers who will be up-skilled in the art of bee-keeping and benefit financially from the sale of ethically and sustainably sourced honey.

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