Bench Journey with the Great African Caravan

The Great African Caravan aims to promote peace, sustainable development, and global citizenship. It is the brainchild of Akram Feroze, a theatre director from India. He has gathered 12 artists from across the globe to travel through 12 African countries over a period of 200 days.

En route, they will collaborate with local artists and aim to train over 5000 young people through workshops. The caravan will depart from Cape Town at the end of August, travel through Africa and end its journey in Cairo in February 2019.

Akram in partnership with Jon Howell, Managing Director of AviaDev Conference at Bench, has been working on the logistical arrangements for the caravan. Bench strongly encourages and supports this initiative as it aligns perfectly with our commitment to create an impact and bring a positive change not only in the African continent but also wherever we do business.

If you wish to support the project in any way, please visit Furthermore, to follow the Great African Caravan, visit the Bench website: