Mike Collini

Bench donates US$ to Hilton Responds

On behalf of Michael Collini, Vice President Development Sub Saharan Africa at Hilton, Bench has donated US $1,000 to Mike's charity of choice, Hilton Responds.

Hilton Responds supports Hilton fellow Team Members and communities in times of disaster. Hilton has a rich history of community investment, and their founder’s legacy of generosity permeates throughout their organization. They see it is their responsibility to support those communities where they live, work and travel in times of crisis.

Each year, approximately 275 million people worldwide are affected by natural and man-made disasters. Team Members and franchise employees have consistently displayed a passion for supporting the communities where disaster strikes. The Hilton Responds Fund was developed to act as a vehicle for Hilton Team Members and franchise employees to donate voluntary funds to support short-term relief and long-term rebuilding efforts following a disaster.

To find out more about the charity, please visit